How to Work Smarter, Not Harder for Your Body, According to Jennifer Aniston's Trainer Dani Coleman

Fans Are Loving Jennifer Aniston's Gray Roots!

The one where exercise doesn't have to be a pain.

Jennifer Aniston's Pvolve trainer Dani Coleman recently revealed the approach she and the Friends star tap into when it's time to break a sweat.

"The biggest tip I can give is to start small," the fitness instructor told E! News in an exclusive interviewคำพูดจาก สล็อต888 PG. "When people think about working out, they make these grandiose goals. Fight those old-school notions that you have to break your body to get a good workout."

As the health expert put it, "We really believe in working smarter, not harder for your body."

Dani—who is the Director of Training at Pvolve and uses their method of low-impact, high-resistance workouts—noted that although Jen loves a challenging work out, she also knows her limits.

"With any client, whether it be Jen or anyone that I work with, I always come in with a game plan that's specific to their body's needs," Dani explained. "Jen likes a nice balance of our Sculpt and Burn format, which is using strengthening blocks with cardio bursts in-between."

She continued, "One of the beautiful things about functional fitness is, because it mimics how your body moves in everyday life, your body will feel energized."

photosNeed Some Fitspo? Stars' Favorite Workouts Revealed

But exercise isn't one-size-fits-all. What works for Jen might not be your cup of tea.

"It's always about starting small with your goals," Dani reminded. "You know, getting those 10,000 steps in or choosing the stairs over the elevator. It's those small, daily choices that build up to the idea of Jennifer Aniston."

Zoey Grossman / Courtesy of Pvolve

Dani also pointed out that fitness isn't the only way to work on your body.

How to Work Smarter, Not Harder for Your Body, According to Jennifer Aniston's Trainer Dani Coleman

"Something that I really respect and admire about Jen," the trainer shared, "is that she's been practicing self-care and prioritizing her wellness throughout her entire life. Consistency is key."

As she noted, "When you look at someone like Jen, it's a whole lifetime practice."

And similar to how fitness looks different for everyone, so does wellness. "It could be drinking water," Dani explained, "getting the proper rest, listening to your body when it needs recovery and moving it when you feel like you can."

Dani Coleman / Instagram

When you work on your body, everything else falls into place.

Dani summed it up best, sharing, "Movement is healing for emotions, mood and everythingคำพูดจาก เว็บตรงอันดับ1. That's really where I like to focus as a trainer—feeling first, aesthetics second."

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